December 20, 2010

BMW in 2011 NAIAS Detroit Auto Show

BMW announced its lineup of cars, they bring along by 2011 NAIAS in Detroit show and save it in the x 3 is full of great stuff! The lineup includes new 6 series cabriolet, 2012 BMW 1 series we just talked about, high performance versions of the same car-1 series m Coupe, EfficienctDynamics Vision, which is due in 2013, perhaps with a better name and price of around 200 grand USD and very ugly 2011 X 3. BMW also demonstrates new BMW ConnectedDrive.
-Innovation: BMW EfficientDynamics – new wealth of diversity.
Everywhere in the world OF BMW’S EfficientDynamics sets the standard for outstanding driving pleasure during the constant reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. This is made possible through a new engine with enhanced efficiency, optimization of weight and aerodynamics and technologies for additional consumption. Innovations such as brake energy regeneration and electro-mechanical power steering fitted as standard equipment to more and more models and has introduced the world’s automobile markets. BMW said path is completely free of CO2 mobility with the development of concepts for purely electrically-driven vehicles. Further milestones along this route is testing BMW ActiveE private users in everyday driving situations. Field test with this car, electric motor and based on the BMW 1 series Coupe will begin summer 2011 roads in some of North America as soon as possible.
BMW at 2011 NAIAS Detroit Motor Show bmw naias 7
-World premiere: the new BMW 6 series Cabriolet.
Its world premiere is one of the highlights of 2011 and dazzling spectacle at the NAIAS road course waiting for it: the new BMW 6 series cabriolet satiable demanding car lovers exciting driving dynamics, Chief of aesthetics and progressive in open top premium luxury car. New version of this great convertible BMW impressive sporting elegance and soft top in the external characteristic fin. In a complex interior Room elegant flat, self-service display operating system iDrive, supplied as standard equipment, gives exclusive touch. Driving experience is the best comfort and high level of sporty flair. Market Launch in the United States will be made with the BMW 650i Cabriolet. Its V8 powerplant with BMW TwinPower Turbo direct injection delivers 400 HP (300 kW/407 HP) and can be combined with six-speed manual transmission or 8 speed automatic sport.
BMW at 2011 NAIAS Detroit Motor Show bmw naias 2
-World premiere: BMW 1 series m Coupe.
New BMW M GmbH has expanded its range of high-performance sports car and now covers the compact car segment. BMW 1 series m Coupe, which embodies the typical characteristics (m) in concentrated form, will be presented at the NAIAS 2011. 250 kW/340 HP inline six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine, chassis technology derived directly from the motor-racing track, high power to weight ratio, athletic design with innovative aerodynamic characteristics and exclusive interior designed for driving pleasure in a harmonious overall concept, which paves the way for a new task force, headed by the unmistakable feeling all this makes the BMW 1 series Coupe-performance sports car (m), which meets problems related to the race track is just as comfortable as requirements of everyday driving.
BMW at 2011 NAIAS Detroit Motor Show bmw naias 3
-Attraction: the new BMW X 3.
More sports highlight of driving comfort, space and flexibility, the new BMW X 3 significantly extends leadership in the segment of the market created by his predecessor. The two engines on the market also set new standards in efficiency. The new BMW X 3 is the first model BMW X equipped with electro-mechanical power steering as standard equipment and, as an option, dynamic driving. In addition THE BMW ConnectedDrive driver assistance systems, including Adaptive side, head-up display and a reversing camera with Top View available for the new BMW X 3; all unmatched in its market segment
BMW at 2011 NAIAS Detroit Motor Show bmw naias 4
-World premiere: the new BMW 1 series Coupe, the new BMW 1 series Cabriolet.
Now more attractive than ever outstanding driving pleasure in the compact segment. With targeted design modifications that optimize not only the type of vehicle, but also and aerodynamic properties, the new BMW 1 series Coupe and a new BMW 1 series Cabriolet is the world’s media for the first time in 2011 NAIAS. For each of the two models in the United States has two engine. Modern 6-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, high-quality chassis technology, innovative features and equipment, as well as excellent move their extremely advantageous position in the competitive field.
BMW at 2011 NAIAS Detroit Motor Show bmw naias 5
-Innovation: the new BMW ConnectedDrive services.
Good networks with their vehicle driver and the outside world, BMW ConnectedDrive creates fascinating opportunities to increase comfort and safety, as well as to optimize the functionality of Infotainment. No other car manufacturer offers similarly comprehensive and innovative selection of driver assistance systems and mobility services. BMW ConnectedDrive is a world leader in the integration of smart phones and players into the vehicle, as well as in the use of Internet services to optimize navigation and entertainment

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