September 5, 2010

2012 Mercedes B-Class Facelift Leaked?

 2012 Mercedes B Class Facelift Leaked? mercedes b class facelift 1
This picture above seems to be a shot from the 2012 Mercedes B-Class Faceliftbrochure that is leaked out, but is it?! You see we’ve been told many many times that the new B-Class will not be just a new model, it’ll be a new platform, a new niche that will spawn a couple of very amazing new models. And based on the spyshots we’ve seen so far with all those heavy camouflage and stuff, it’s gotta be something better. This picture looks too… simple!
It’s just the headlights of the new R-Class attached to the current B-Class which is garnished with some LED lights and Merc’s new side mirrors. It does not make sense, if that’s all they could come up with then what’s with all that stories?! And we’re talking about Mercedes, a company that actually works on their new models.
Anyhow, we also could be wrong, and this picture can very well be legit. We’ll find out the truth at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.-motorward.
2012 Mercedes B Class Facelift Leaked? mercedes b class facelift

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