September 2, 2010

2011 Proton Gen2 R3
Gen2'nin standard 1.6 liter atmospheric engine, the crankshaft and camshaft, spark plug wires, exhaust system, modified in such transactions subject to various destinations from the power of 135 HP to 110 HP has been removed. R3 will understand fully modified car, do not have a motor. Other hand, the modification results Nm 154 Nm of torque da148 issued.
So, how it reflected the new enhancements to performance? Obviously, the first clues about the performance of R3'ün get a sound from the exhaust. Especially after the 3000 overthrow of the exhaust noise coming from the people, as well as deploying too excited to return to your view of the greater cause. I wonder if this reflects sound performance, but how much? Acceleration 0-100 km in 9.7 seconds while top speed of the Gen2 R3'ün 215 km / s. These values very well for a sporty car does not look inside! Other hand, the economic cost as an option in the Gen2 R3'ün fuel consumption as low as expected from a sporty car. During our test, the test vehicle to drive in all circumstances, our data support the factory only 7.9 liters of fuel per 100 km in was consumed.
When we hit the road hard with Gen2 R3 Gen2'ye than standard sport suspension, with the effect that we can easily say tastes. Is more difficult to shift from the front tend Gen2 R3 still finds a way. Did not create too many problems switching gear steering system complexity is driving down quality. Driving during the most haunting thing in the difficulties is the use of side mirrors!-carpictures.

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